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                 KERALA TOUR PACKAGES

Kerala is a travel destination that one would not want to miss in his / her lifetime. The reasons can be many.Those who have visited Kerala, they eagerly look forward to their next. And for those who have not, can easily find a reason or two, from the many presented here.

Kerala tour packages – Best tours in God's own country

Containing the southernmost tip of India, "Kanyakumari", and finding a place in south-western part of Incredible India; Kerala – God's own country holds a magnetic attraction for millions from all corners of the globe. The world's paradise has unique geographical features with verdant state being divided in to mountains, valleys, midlands plains and coastal plains.

The state of Kerala is true example of nature's pristine blessings on it, and its matchless arts, customs, festivals and real revitalizing beauty has given a new definition to Kerala tour of Incredible India. The exotic trip of God's own country cherished due to its exciting backwater spots, magnificent beaches with majestic art of sunset, wildlife sanctuaries, and spectacular houseboat holiday with a unique traditional Ayurvedic treatment.

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                 ALLEPPEY ENJOY NATURE

The backwater or houseboat's unparallel cruise has made the world's paradise the most preferred and revitalizing spot with tourists clinching towards it in maximum count. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kochi, and Kottayam are most visited backwater destinations in Kerala – World's paradise. Tourists are left mesmerized by Kerala backwater tour with an overnight stay in a houseboat – Luxury with traditional touch, and by rowing through the narrow canals giving an exposure to Kerala's rejuvenating villages.

Kerala tour is also praised because of its hill stations that add an eternal joy to tourist's experience. Munnar hill station is the most famous spot which succeeds in attracting tourists the most. This hill station is considered to be a paradise for honeymoon couple with serene range of resorts to stay in, and a great opportunity for adventure and nature enthusiasts.

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                 Kerala beach tours

Kerala beach tour is the most stunning of all to visit and to explore magnificent sunset being reflected on the swirling crystal water of the beach. The sunset at the Kerala beach is considered as nature's outstanding art which gives a majestic experience and unparallel peace to the guests.

Kerala – World's paradise, will also offer wildlife enthusiasts an experience which can not be missed. The wildlife sanctuary of Kerala is home to a wide variety of animals, plantation and birds. Nowadays, the Ayurvedic treatment (an ancient medical science of India) is the major reason for attracting tourists, and the exotic spas invites people to receive an inevitable benefit of Ayurveda. The verdant state of Kerala, where ample nature's blessings and exciting culture can be witnessed is the best means to enjoy majestic holiday in world's paradise which is popularly known as God's own country. The enthralling Kerala tour can only be experience as its beauty is beyond imagination, and lacks words for its definition.

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