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Indian & Ethnic Keralite Delicacies

Karimeen Pollichathu

Karimeen (pearl spot) baked with a paste of chillies, spices and curry leaves. Tastes superb with kappa (tapioca).

Enhancing Tastes

In Kerala the utensil used for cooking determines the taste and nutrition of the dish. Terracotta, bamboo, brass, bronze, copper or leaves are used in cooking

bamboo puttu making
fish rapped in banana-leaf

Natures Own
Soft Drink

When you are in Kerala make sure that you enjoy the refreshing, Sweet Tender Coconut water. And the whole range of tropical delights that Kerala offers.

The Sumptuous Sadya

The sadya, an integral part of Kerala's culture, is a feast that is served on a plantain leaf and eaten with hand with an amazing variety of vegetarian dishes. The Sadya is served mostly during marriages and festivals. The preparation of the dishes and the order in which they are served is of importance. Usually the Sadya is rounded off with different varieties of Payasams, which are sweet desserts.